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30 Days of Bible Lettering Pack

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The perfect kit to get you started in the 30 Days of Bible Lettering Challenge. 30 Days of Bible Lettering is an Instagram community challenge where a verse is assigned to each day of the month. Every day you letter a verse of scripture in any way you can be a free and creative as you like. You can add your designs to the community by using the hashtag #30daysofbiblelettering and by tagging me @cityandshorehandlettering or using my hashtag #letterwithcityandshore we can create a smaller community of letterers. I try to reshare as many tagged pictures as I can to inspire others to join in!

The 30 Days of Bible Lettering pack includes:

1xRhodia dotted notebook
1xBlack Tombow Dual Brush Pen (large brush tip and bullet tip)
1xBlack Tombow Fudenosuke Brush pen (small brush tip)
1xColoured Tombow Dual Brush pen (1 large brush tip and one bullet tip)
1xSketching pencil
1xA5 400gsm cardstock
1xBookmark size 400gsm cardstock
1xLuxury Greetings Card with envelope

Wow! That’s a lot!
You can keep all you designs together on one place - your gorgeous Rhodia Dotted Notebook. It’s got beautifully silky smooth vellum paper - perfect for those brush pens. And a dotted grid to help you space out your letters and your design evenly.

You can try out the two different sizes of black brush pen and create really interesting lettering arrangements. The dual brush pen also has a bullet tip on the other end perfect for block lettering and adding illustrations.

A pencil is an essential part of this kit...I ALWAYS sketch out my designs first, playing about with different shapes and styles of lettering.

Then add a pop of colour with your coloured Tombow Dual brush pen (I have six beautiful colours but it’ll be a lucky dip which one you get!)

Then when you’ve created a design you absolutely love you can recreate it onto a book mark, greetings card or as an A5 print!

Don’t forget there’s FREE POSTAGE on this pack!

All order placed before Monday 29th will head out in Monday’s post so they get to you in time to start the challenge on April 1st!

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